Hi friends! Welcome to Episode 2 of OPENHOUSE, where I have my first LIVE therapy session with Dr. Helene. Together, not knowing where the session would take us, we began by exploring how I felt about doing live therapy.

Having gone through a couple of months of therapy already, I mention to Dr Helene that I wonder if this session may be more structured and controlled. She queries what the need for control and structure means to me?

We explore my biggest regret and how trauma can cause lasting effects on development into adulthood. The brain does not fully develop until around the age of 25, so often, the decisions that we make before that age in response to trauma are immature and irrational. 

 Why does memory loss often occur around traumatic events? What kind of lasting effects can repression of memories cause later in life? How did “brushing it under the rug,” so-to-speak, contribute to my physical and mental pain?

The need to belong and to feel accepted has been long programmed into our biological code, and Dr. Helene and I examine how the desire to feel accepted and how the fear of being an outcast led to destructive behavior at University after my traumatic experience.

We also explore how social media can play a tremendous role in how we believe others should perceive us. For me, there is the “online” Louise and the “offline” Louise, and I’m conflicted with my need for perfection and control that is in direct conflict with my desire to be “real” on social media and in life.

We loved sharing Episode 2 with you – our first ever live therapy session! We hope in this episode that people may understand that therapy is not just needed in times of crisis. It is never too late to pick up a topic to discuss with loved ones, or more preferably, a professional.

What is your biggest regret so far? How are you processing it?

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