Hi friends! Welcome to Episode 3 of OPENHOUSE. This one is a little different to our usual pre-recorded podcast episodes and it is a live-streamed therapy workshop where we explore how childhood impacts your development into adulthood.

This episode includes an at-home worksheet booklet for you to work through as we go through the session. If you want to join into the session, please head to https://www.thisisopenhouse.com/podcast/episode-3-to get yours!

The importance of childhood experiences cannot be underestimated. Seemingly small events in childhood can sometimes have more significance than major events in adulthood and hugely impact the way we develop. The situations that we grow up in become our baseline normal and we form ideas about how life should be and how others should act from this perspective. Many are not always aware of this template that has been built from a young age.

Should we experience stressful situations as a child, we also may develop unhelpful coping mechanisms that can endure long into adulthood and our adult relationships.

Join us in this session where we explore a number of questions – looking through the lens of Louise and her life experiences, before asking you to look inwards and query:

What did you learn from your family?

What is an attachment style and how do they impact our connection with those around us?

 ⇢ How to work out our attachment style with those closest to us. Are you secure, anxious, avoidant, or disorganised? How does this differ across family members?

 ⇢ What is self esteem, how is self esteem built in childhood and how does it change into adulthood?

What are love languages and how can you most effectively manage your relationships in order to help them flourish by understanding these?

We also run through a number of different analogies – including the Oil Rig analogy – to best understand how you can bolster your self esteem to support you as you grow from childhood, into adolescence and then into adulthood, as well as answering live questions along the way.

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