When my recent break up happened,  it hit me like a truck and I went into a total tailspin of panic, sadness, fear, distress and desperation.

Breakups are hard enough in normal, day to day life but there is something about going through any kind of break up during a global pandemic that makes this event even worse. 

In this episode, I share the top 10 things that I have learnt from therapy around break ups and how they have helped me so far.

This is the episode that I wish someone had given me before everything happened. 

I’m bringing the therapy to you.

This episode covers:

⇢  the things you NEED to know when you enter into break up territory;

⇢ why our bodies and minds react so severely to rejection of any kind;

⇢ how MRI scanners will show that you’re not too different from a drug addict going cold turkey;

⇢ how understanding the concepts of attachment, love and fear cycle will help you to be ok with what is happening;

⇢ how neural affirmations and self-care can help to calm your nervous system and re-wire your brain;

⇢ the psychology behind ‘out of sight and out of mind’, and what to do with your memories together; and

⇢ how to stop romanticising your past relationship and objectively understand the WHY.

⠀My two favourite parts of the episode include:

⇢ how understanding your – and your ex’s – personality style and attachment style will help you to understand why you both might be reacting differently in the wake of a break up; and ⠀
⇢ what closure really means (and it’s really not what you think!).

If you yourself are struggling, or you know someone that is, please do seek professional help. ⠀
If this is not possible, then I hope that you digest this episode and apply some of it to your own situation so you can move forward.

Whatever you are going through – my heart goes out to you – I would not wish heartbreak on anyone.

I trust that you can heal.

I hope you believe that too.

With love,



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