Welcome to Series 2 of the OPENHOUSE Podcast and our first OPEN(HEART) episode where Louise is joined by the incredible Dr Tari Mack – a leading clinical psychologist and a celebrity relationship expert.

In this episode, Louise & Tari go deep into the recent Teddy & Faye argument that recently blew up on Love Island and use it as a vehicle to discuss conflict and toxic conflict, what does it mean when we get triggered, where and who do we learn our anger responses from, and is anger self-sabotage or does it hold the key to something deeper?

Dr Tari also takes the pair through who was gaslighting who in this situation, who should have walked away; and whether or not she would advise the two to repair their relationship. ⠀
They also look at the biology of anger, what healthy conflict means; and the four ‘horseman’ – the four communication and conflict errors that have been statistically proven to be most likely to lead to divorce and relationship breakdown.
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