In this OPEN(HEART) episode of the OPENHOUSE Podcast, we discuss Cardi B & Offset as our celebrity couple as a vehicle so that we can further explore the big, and sometimes painful, question – why do people cheat?

We follow the rocky rollercoaster of the Cardi B & Offset romance, whilst going deeper into:

⇢ The psychology of cheating;

⇢ Why do people cheat;

⇢ The top 10 signs that someone is a serial cheater;

⇢ The top 4 reasons that people cheat;

⇢ Does your partner have narcissistic and sociopath tendencies?;

⇢ Is ‘one time a cheater, always a cheater, true?’

⇢ The connection between cheating, self-esteem, communication, and validation;

⇢ How much of a role does sex play in cheating?

⇢ The impact that cheating in our childhood can have on us; and

⇢ How and why cheating goes back to often many years, or even decades, before the event itself happens.

We also explore Louise’s own experiences with infidelity – something that it has taken her many years to come to terms with, release shame from and be able to speak openly about.

We discussed why she cheated, how she feels confident she won’t again as well as a couple of her own personal dating stories – ex boyfriends, watch out!

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