In this OPEN(HEART) episode of the OPENHOUSE Podcast, we dive into Hailey & Justin Bieber and explore the fine line between couple goals and codependency and how to know when it might be a problem in your relationship.

We explore the complex nature of Justin Bieber and why he often acts like a man child, and why Hailey Bieber acts like a submissive spouse who continually dotes on him. Is it really couple goals if you’re too busy caring for your partner that you forget to take care of yourself?

We look at Hailey & Justin Bieber and dive into:

⇢ Why are so many relationships in today’s society fitting in this territory of being passionate and toxic at the same time?;

⇢ Hailey’s family history and how this has created a template for her relationship with Justin;

⇢ Why Justin is so dependant on Hailey; and

⇢ Why Hailey has lost herself in return for supporting Justin.

Louise Rumball & Dr Tari Mack also go deeper into:

⇢ The psychology behind why we act like caregivers to our lovers and partners;

⇢ Why we need to set healthy boundaries; and

⇢ How you CAN reparent yourself;

Louise also shares her own personal dating stories, particularly:

⇢ Her experience of being in a codependent relationship; and

⇢ How she started to learn to set healthy boundaries.

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