In this OPEN(HEART) episode of the OPENHOUSE Podcast, off the back of Episode 14 discussing all things Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s new engagement, today we look at Scott – discussing all things breakups as we shine a light on what we know Scott Disick might be feeling.

We dive into what to do when you feel like someone has got away, the different stages of a breakup and how to truly move through the relationships that we think we can never get over.

As Dr. Tari says, “breakups are the catalyst for the biggest chapters of healing,” leading us to explore why it’s important to look inward and why the feelings surrounding a breakup could go much deeper than the breakup itself. We discuss all things emotional wounds, including the abandonment and defectiveness wound – with Louise sharing her own experiences about what she learnt about her own break up.

We look at the psychology behind when we genuinely think that that person we are not with is the one and dive into:

⇢ Why heartbreak can be worse than grieving the loss of somebody who died;

⇢ Dr. Tari’s insight into why, if there’s been a breakup, that’s a clear indication that they are not your person;

⇢ The psychology behind connection and closure – and why you do NOT need it in the way you think you do; and

⇢ How to handle unhealthy coping mechanisms and why it’s important to stay in our power during a break up.

Louise Rumball & Dr Tari Mack also go deeper into:

⇢ Scott choosing people that are at the same emotional maturity level as him;

⇢ The different stages of a break up; and

⇢ Why a relationship is never about the other person.

Louise also shares her own personal dating stories, particularly:

⇢ Her last breakup; and

⇢ Her healing journey post breakup and what she’s most proud of.

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