In this OPEN(HEART) episode of the OPENHOUSE Podcast, and off the back of the release of Jesy Nelson’s and Nicki Minaj’s newest single, Boyz, we dive into all things ‘bad boys’ and explore the psychological, emotional, physiological, and chemical reasons that underlie our attraction to ‘bad boys’ [or girls] and how it can actually be an addiction that we’re not aware of.

Louise Rumball & clinical psychologist Dr Tari Mack explore the reason we’re attracted to bad boys, why we get bored of the ‘nice guy’ and the chemicals that are released that keeps us wanting more and more of something we know isn’t good for us.

We look at the psychology behind the allure of bad boys and dive into:

⇢ What is intermittent reinforcement?;

⇢ The cocktail of chemicals at play;

⇢ How to break this cycle & level up to reach a new pool of potential partners; and

⇢ The angry man – and why sometimes we’re attracted to this.

Louise also shares her own personal dating stories, particularly:

⇢ Her experience of dating bad boys – including someone that later got sentenced to five years in prison; and

⇢ Why she is now not as interested by bad boys.

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