Hate being single or spending time alone? In this OPEN(HEART) episode of the OPENHOUSE Podcast we dive into all things ‘relationship jumping’. Whether you’ve just come out of a relationship and you’re already in another one, or looking for another one, or perhaps you’re going straight back to that boyfriend or girlfriend you know you shouldn’t – this episode is for you.

We look at ‘relationship jumping’ through the vehicle of JLo with clinical psychologist Dr. Tari who has appeared on Access Hollywood recently talking about this and even given relationship advice to JLo herself.

Louise Rumball & Dr. Tari look at the psychology behind ‘relationship jumping’ and dive into:

⇢ What is going on when people just can’t seem to be alone;

⇢ How we use relationships as a way to avoid the pain and discomfort of feeling alone and empty;

⇢ How your patterns go back to your childhood experiences, particularly mirroring and emotional attunement; and

⇢ The role of fear and its impact of keeping us from taking time to connect with ourselves and not search for another partner.

Louise also shares her own personal dating stories, particularly:

⇢ Her experience of Schema Therapy and the discovery of the defectiveness wound; and

⇢ Why sometimes you can swing too far the other way – loving being alone as a protective mechanism.

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