Hey guys,
Louise here returning with a solo episode of OPENHOUSE. In Episode 20, we are talking all things GHOSTING and what to do when you are on the receiving end of getting ghosted by someone you are dating.
So, if you couldn’t tell, I got f**king ghosted and I’ve got stuff to say. I’m not even embarrassed about it, because it is so normal in today’s dating pool, but what I am going to do is share with you what I learnt about me, about the person that ghost me – and so much more, during this experience of getting ghosted.
In today’s episode we go through:
*What is schema chemistry;
*My most recent ghosting story and why I should have seen the red flags from the start;
*The psychology of ghosting and the chemical and biological impacts it has on you
*Why ghosting makes you feel like you’re going crazy
*How ghosting makes other people feel (we asked!)
*A 9 step, therapist backed plan to getting over ghosting; and
*How you can use ghosting to your advantage.
And so, ghosting happens, and it’s part of modern dating today but that doesn’t make it ok. And it shouldn’t be ok. And it shouldn’t be normalised – because we need to learn to develop our communication skills so that we can handle healthy conflict and uncomfortable situations and communication.

If you are hurting, I hope this episode provides some respite – and a couple of laughs.

Louise x

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