In this OPEN(HEART) episode of the OPENHOUSE Podcast, Louise gets into a solo episode discussing all things Rihanna & A$AP Rocky and the news that they are having a baby! 

In this episode, Louise looks at ‘Rihanna energy’ and her break up from Hassan Jameel at 31, an age when many people would feel pressurised by society to stay in their relationship or make it work, rather than the fear of being ‘thirty and single’. 

In this episode, Louise shares: 

⇢ The psychology of our brain development in our 30s vs. our 20s and how this impacts our dating decisions; 

⇢ Why sometimes we have to date a ‘Chris Brown’ to meet our very own A$AP Rocky; 

⇢ Why being single in your 30s can be a revolutionary and insightful phase of self-awareness; and 

⇢ How you can use it to your advantage, helping to take you closer to the right person. 

Louise also shares her own personal dating stories, particularly:

⇢ Her experience of dating her very own Chris Brown and what she learnt;⠀

⇢ What watching her friends settle down and have babies has taught her about what she wants in a relationship; 

⇢ Her top 6 tips to embracing being single in your 30s + 40s;

⇢ And why you need to date ‘smart’, ‘fast’ and ‘with intention’ as you get older.

As well as chatting all things fertility and biological clocks. 

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