In Episode 20 of the OPENHOUSE podcast we covered all things ghosting, because if you haven’t already heard, Louise got ghosted. 

Today, in Episode 22, Dr Tari Mack is back from holiday & we are looking at the flip side of getting ghosted.

We ask Dr Tari:

⇢ Why do people ghost? 

⇢ How this can tie back to more significant personality traits, like narcissism and sociopathy;

⇢ But how it can also tie back to our experience in childhood and what we were taught by our caregivers about conflict; and

⇢ What ghosting teaches us about another person. 

Louise also shares her personal experience of how she used to ghost people when she was younger, but also shares:

⇢ How she now understands why she used to act the way she did; 

⇢ How her behaviour has changed since going to therapy;  and

⇢ Her tips and tricks on how not to ghost people. 

We also share live examples of messages that Louise has sent to people when she has needed to communicate that she wasn’t into things, rather than ghosting, and get Dr Tari’s feedback. 


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