In this OPEN(HEART) episode of the OPENHOUSE Podcast, we get into the topic that everyone is talking about – the crazy Netflix documentary – The Tinder Swindler, The so-called Tinder Swindler is Shimon Hayut (aka ‘Simon Leviev’), a convicted fraudster born in Israel. He used dating apps to meet multiple women, then got them to take out loans and credit in their names, ultimately leaving them holding the bills when he would later disappear – but not before he had spent ALL of the money on an insanely lavish lifestyle that he used to impress OTHER women.

In today’s episode, Louise & Dr Tari break down:

⇢ The psychology of Attachment Hunger – something that starts in childhood when we don’t get the appropriate bonding and nurturing form our parent figures, and then later shows up in adult life as attaching too quickly to romantic partners;

⇢ The reason that so many people today ignore red flags; 

⇢ Why sexual validation and attention are not the same as healthy loving care;

⇢ The importance of knowing ourselves before we can really know another; and

⇢ Why some people only attract superficial relationships.

Louise Rumball & Dr Tari Mack also break down the specifics of the situation and look at;

⇢ Immediate red flags that should have been picked up on in the episode;

⇢ How to navigate dating apps when meeting someone new (+ the questions you have to ask);

⇢ How to actually get to know someone;

⇢ How to keep an eye out for someone like the Tinder Swindler so you can avoid at all costs; and

⇢ The importance of boundaries and time to attach when you meet someone new.


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