In this OPEN(HEART) episode of the OPENHOUSE Podcast, Louise interviews Maddy Anholt, author of ‘How to Leave Your Psychopath’

Are you forever finding yourself in the stranglehold of controlling companions? Today’s chat will help you wave ta-ta to unhappy and unhealthy relationships for good.

We talk about red flags to look out for, how and why people exert control, and also discuss lovebombing, gaslighting, and negging.

Backed with personal story and supported by psychological insight Louise & Maddie share their personal journeys and all they have learnt along the way.

In this episode, Louise & Maddy break down:

⇢ Why it isn’t just ‘doormats’ and ‘weak women’ who find themselves being treated awfully in relationships;

⇢ The traits that these types of people look for in their partners;

⇢ How to tell the difference between a ‘d*ckhead’ and an abuser;

⇢ The hormonal addiction cycle & how the cycle plays out in practice;

⇢ Why there isn’t a breaking point for everyone;

⇢ And how to leave if you are in a potentially dangerous situation.

If you are or someone you know is experiencing family violence and need someone to talk to, contact a local domestic abuse service by using Women’s Aid Domestic Abuse Directory


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