Welcome to the final episode of the friendship series. In this OPEN(HEART) episode we ask clinical psychologist Dr Tari Mack what to do when a friend (or a partner) breaks up with you.

Louise & Dr Tari take a recent example that one of Louise’s friends went through, when she got ghosted by a friend. Dr Tari Mack shares information on:

⇢ How self-awareness can help avoid these situations happening;

⇢ How open conversation, communication & discussion can reduce the severity of the situations.

Dr Tari and Louise also discuss:

⇢ How the same principles in friendship breakdowns apply to romantic relationships;

⇢ What to do when someone sets a boundary that you feel is unfair;

⇢ Whether you ever really are owed a conversation or discussion by someone else?

⇢ How to move on from friendships that you don’t know if you can.


⇢ How helpful therapy can be with the breakdown of friendships to help with the healing and self-awareness process.

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