Louise sits down with clinical psychologist and relationship expert Dr Tari Mack to discuss the psychology of trust issues and why people have them, and how to get over them.

We look at trust issues through the vehicle of J Lo, who after being cheated on publicly by A Rod and acknowledging that she had trust issues, was able to move through this to get engaged to Ben Affleck.

Louise Rumball & Dr Tari explore:

⇢What are trust issues?

⇢The psychology behind trust issues

⇢How do you know if it’s you having trust issues or if it’s an actual issue in the relationship?

 ⇢If you found out that your partner has cheated on previous relationships, how to stop bringing this into your relationship with them?

⇢ Is there ever a good reason to not trust someone?   

⇢ How do you know if its trust issues or an anxious attachment style?

⇢ For people that have experienced trust issues feel like they follow them around forever?

⇢ What about people who just feel like they only attract the same type of person?

⇢ How to communicate to someone that you are struggling with trusting.


⇢ Hope that there are good men and women out there that are trustworthy, reliable, kind and will not hurt you.

Louise also shares her own experiences of her exes and what she has learnt about trust over the years.

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