Why do some of us love partners that make us chase after us? Or that are inconsistent? Hot and cold? Treat us well then disappear?  In this OPEN(HEART) episode of the OPENHOUSE Podcast, Louise sits down with Dr Tari Mack for a live coaching session. 

Louise and Dr Tari explore

⇢ How Louise is feeling about starting to date again;

⇢ Her recent romantic experiences in Tulum;

⇢ What to do when faced with ‘the bad guy’ and the ‘good guy?’ and going for the ‘good guy’ feels unfamiliar and unusual’;

⇢ How to finally break cycles of attraction once and for all; 

Dr Tari also asks Louise about: 

⇢ The concept of earning love; 

⇢ The concept of looking forward into the future; and

⇢ Why it can feel so damn good to go for the wrong choice. 

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