Attracted to looks, power, status and aesthetics but want to really find true meaningful connections? 

This episode is for you. 

Today, Dr Tari Mack and Louise Rumball explore why today’s society are attracted to external metrics and what we really need to be focusing on to be building deeper, healthier and more conscious connections. 

The pair explore: 

⇢ The external metrics of attraction

⇢The concepts of superficial love vs. deep intimacy and emotional vulnerability 

⇢How social media today makes you feel ‘less than’ others

⇢How a focus on the external world does not cultivate the internal world that ultimately attracts the right people around you

⇢How a focus on the external in terms of appearance, aesthetics and ‘fine tuning our facial work’ will not take you to true happiness

⇢How to cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself and those around you 

⇢The concept of ‘non-judgment’ in relationships

⇢What it means to be attracted to money, success and status

⇢What subconscious fears are running what you are attracted to

+ Louise’s personal experiences of

⇢How not being ‘the prettiest’ at school shaped her relationship with her self and body

⇢How her dating has changed throughout her 20s and into her 30s – and how dating attractive people & used to validate her

⇢What is important for her now in a relationship

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