The best sagittarius duo, Louise & Monica and their epic friendship bring the fire in this first ever GIRL TALK episode between the two of them. After recently being together in Tulum and knowing they need to share their healing lessons with the world.  

Now you can join this powerful pairing as they talk real life, dating, men, falling in love, sex, intimacy and more, covering:

  • Why you keep texting men to distract yourself, instead of actually doing the work to find a good one; 
  • Why our nervous systems are always f&cKING on & how dating only perpetuates this cycle; 
  • How your childhood wounds drive the partners you are picking and dating today;
  • Louise & Monica’s own personal stories around their childhoods;
  • Why you are probably your own red flag;
  • Polarity between masculine & feminine energy & why this is so important in your romantic relationships; 
  • Monica’s new boyfriend & the guy Louise is dating in Tulum;
  • How sex can be a healing experience, as can relationships;


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