Waiting for someone who is just not ready to date you, to be ready to date you? I ask my therapist, should we wait for them to start their healing, get over their ex, let their busy period at work calm down for them to step up to the plate – or should we just move on? Should we entertain them as a friend? Should we stay in contact? Should we keep things going until they see how good you two could be together? 

In this OPENHEART episode of OPENHOUSE, Louise Rumball asks Dr Tari Mack, clinical psychologist and relationship expert, what to do when the person you are interested in is not ready to commit. 

Louise and Dr Tari explore

⇢ The clear, conscious and subconscious ways that people say they ‘can’t show up for you right now’

⇢ What to do if someone is acting nonchalant or is expressly communicating that they don’t want a relationship but they like you;

⇢ How to ask someone what they want in a relationship (and when you should do so); 

⇢ How and why people use sex and hook ups to avoid emotional vulnerability and intimacy.

Louise also asks shares:

⇢ Her personal story around how meeting someone who ticks ‘most of the boxes’ can lead you on a wild goose chase of waiting for them to be ready;

⇢ Her friends recent story, and whether you can really be friends with someone you have slept with; 

⇢ Her experience of why not all men’s word can be trusted.

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