The feedback from pt. 1 of this episode was phenomenal. You guys really went crazy for our first anxious attachment podcast episode where myself and clinical psychologist Dr Tari Mack looked at the anxious attachment style that over 20% (1 in 5 people ) in the global population live with, after having it form in childhood. 

After a lot of requests, in today’s episode, Louise & Dr Tari go deeper into this, looking at:

⇢Breaking down the four stages of an anxious attachment style 

⇢The underlying fears behind an anxious attachment style 

⇢The triggers that provoke an anxious attachment attack

⇢The activation of your attachment cycle – understanding what happens in your body when your attachment style is activated + how to handle it

⇢The concept of protest behaviours and why we use them to try and re establish connection

Louise & Dr Tari also discuss:

⇢Why you can’t have reassurance on tap all of the time

⇢How to calm and regulate your anxious attachment style

⇢How to heal it in the long run

⇢The concept of meeting in the middle with whoever you are dating

⇢ Can you heal and date at the same time? 

⇢ A couple of Q&A topics from Louise’s recent TikToks 

Louise also shares: 

⇢ The concept of ‘positive intent’ which has changed her life

⇢ Her personal experience fears, triggers and protest behaviours

⇢How soon is too soon to share your trauma with someone you are dating?

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