I have appeared on CBS, in Cosmopolitan magazine, and have worked with celebrity clients helping them improve their lives and relationships. I am a speaker, author, coach, and clinical psychologist who speaks and writes about the power of relationships. I have spoken to audiences throughout the U.S., and appeared on radio programs, podcasts and blogs, helping people learn how to improve their relationships, something we are never taught at school, in professional life, or at home. I hand audiences “magic” tools to build successful and meaningful relationships and transform themselves and their lives.

As humans, we are wired for connection, but because we are not taught essential relationship skills as part of our formal education, we struggle and blindly feel our way through, often creating negative patterns, unfulfilling connections, and difficulties both personally and professionally. That’s where I come in.

In my role as a clinical psychologist, I have logged over 15,000 hours helping people navigate relationships and, in the process, unearthed the essential tools to relationship power, peace, fulfillment, and success. I am now passionate about helping others create the lives they want by teaching them the tools needed to transform their relationships and themselves. I use authenticity, humor, and real-world stories to teach audience members how to feel more “plugged in” and alive in their everyday lives and how to excel in relationships both personally and professionally.

I published the book “Every Relationship Is A Test: Master Your Love Lessons and Finally Get The Love You Deserve” in February 2019 for women in the dating world.