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Couples Assessment and Therapy

My couples assessment and therapy packages are intensive and only for couples willing to do the work to save their relationship and/or prevent big problems from developing. The process is not typical couples therapy. I will assess the health of your relationship, show each couple where the weak spots are and assign each person with their “work”to do in the relationship.


I’ve found that couples who are serious about change and saving their relationship WANT and NEED this feedback in order to course correct or to ensure they are building a relationship that stands on a firm and healthy foundation. No endless couples therapy sessions hashing out the same issue - I’ll help you see what you can’t and give you a roadmap to improve your relationship.

Together we will work to improve the emotional safety, strength and joy of your relationship so you can get on with enjoying life and enjoying each other and potentially building a new and stronger relationship with each other. I will teach you essential relationship, communication, and coping skills that all couples need but have probably never learned.

After completing 2 assessment forms, one focused on the relationship and one focused on the individual, I will give each person an Individual Interpersonal strength based analysis and highlight their specific “work” and areas of growth in the relationship.

I will give each couple a Relationship Repair and Bolstering Plan that is a roadmap for how to get the Relationship back on track. Homework will be included.

Then, based on the package selected, each couple will have sessions with me where we practice communication and the specific “work” and tools that need practice.

I work with couples not just to resolve an issue or put a bandaid on a current problem. I highlight how each person’s childhood and life experiences impact the way they communicate, cope and show up in relationships and teach couples how to work together as a team to create a relationship that will not only endure, but will bring joy, security and passion.

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