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Dating Therapy Groups

My Dating Therapy Groups are for individuals seeking to understand their dating and relationship patterns and how their history, psychology, thoughts and beliefs impact the partners they feel attraction for, the roles they continuously play in their relationships and what may be blocking them from healthy lasting love. These groups meet weekly and are ongoing. You can end the group at any time, but I ask that members commit to 6 sessions up front to give them time to bond with other group members and to ensure time for the therapeutic process to be effective. When the time comes that you feel you’re ready to leave the group, I ask that you give the group a week’s notice so members can say goodbye to you and give you love and feedback.

My Dating Therapy Groups are small and there are never more than 10 members in each group. These groups meet weekly and are ongoing. We meet over zoom at the same scheduled time each week. Groups are 75 to 90 minutes, depending on the group.

I am passionate about creating a safe space for my group clients so they feel comfortable sharing open and authentically at their own pace. Some clients prefer group therapy over individual because it allows them to bond with other people experiencing similar issues and experiences, they enjoy learning from each other’s struggles and triumphs, and they receive support from a group of people rather than just from me. Additionally, group therapy is often a more cost effective option compared to individual therapy. Regular attendance is expected so group members can form bonds and take part in the therapeutic process.


What Is The Cost?

Groups are $60 per session and can be paid weekly, biweekly or monthly, based on your preference.

What Will We Cover In My Dating Therapy Groups?

  • You will learn to identify your relationship patterns and what needs to change

  • You will learn why your unconscious attraction causes you to choose the wrong people to love

  • How to set and hold healthy boundaries

Why you may jump into relationships too quickly?

  • You will learn to spot and respond to red flag behaviors

  • You will learn what your attachment style is and how it impacts your relationships

  • You will identify what fears run your dating life

  • You will learn how your childhood roles and models play out in your adult relationships

  • And more! Each week we will address whatever needs and issues group members present with!

Schedule a 15 minute group screening appointment to see if you are a good fit for a Dating Therapy Group

Contact Dr. Tari to ask her a question about her dating therapy groups

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