Frequency and Vibration, Alignment, Soul Attraction and How the Universe Never Makes Mistakes With Erin Eber

Erin Eber, known as the frequency healer, is an intuitive who channels sound frequencies from other dimensions through her voice and translates for your soul to heal and restructure energy.

Erin has been working in healing and consciousness for almost 20 years. Her clients report being left with clarity, deep divine connection and alignment. Erin offers frequency, healing sessions, human design sessions, and runs courses on empathy and cacao. She feels passionately about promoting a non-dogmatic spiritual approach and listening to your unique truth above all else.

Erin and Dr. Tari talk dating, love, spirituality and your soul’s purpose. We also discuss how to call your energy back to you and not always look to your relationship for an answer.

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Episode Transcript

Frequency and Vibration, Alignment, Soul Attraction and How the Universe Never Makes Mistakes With Erin Eber

Dr Tari: Welcome to Dear Dater, the podcast for people who want to change their disappointing relationship patterns and finally access the love they deserve. My name is Dr. Tari Mack, and I’m a psychologist and celebrity love coach. My journey has been one from disconnection and loneliness to love and miracles. And I want this PodCast to give you the tools and awareness to help you create and access the love you want in your own life. What we yearn for is meant for us so if you yearn for love, you’re meant to have it. When we change our relationships change. I’m so glad you’re here.

I am so excited to welcome Erin Eber to our episode today. Erin, known as the frequency healer is an intuitive who channels sound frequencies from other dimensions through her voice and translates for your soul to heal and restructure energy. Erin has been working in healing and consciousness for almost 20 years, her clients report being left with clarity, deep divine connection and alignment. Erin offers frequency Healing Sessions Human Design sessions and runs courses on empathy and Cacao. She feels passionately about promoting a non dogmatic spiritual approach and listening to your unique truth above all else. I am so excited for this conversation you and I met on clubhouse

Erin Eber: Yep.

Dr Tari: And I was just immediately drawn to you and everything you were saying. And I felt like my audience really needs to hear from your perspective, how important energy frequency vibration is to attracting love into our lives. So welcome.

Erin Eber: Thank you so much.

Dr Tari: And you and I have a Human Design reading later, we’re going to be reading my human design.

Erin Eber: We do, and I just love Human Design, because I think it really helps people understand how their energy works from this, like really practical standpoint. So I always say that human design is sort of the practical side to the work that I do, because it gives people this really grounded language, because most of the work I do tends to be a little bit more on the soulful reading side. So this can kind of bridge that gap for the understanding side and the deeper intuitive side.

Dr Tari: I love that. And actually, I had not even heard of Human Design until last week, and one of my friends shought on your bio, like I think on your Instagram page or your bio or something. So what is it? How would you describe Human Design? What is it?

Erin Eber: Yeah, Human Design is a system similar to how astrology is a system. But it combines astrology and the etching and the chakra system. And it’s almost like the three things,how to love a child, and created this system called Human Design. And it was channeled by a man in the 80s and sort of put together and constructed. And when I first heard about human design, it was probably about 12 years ago. And I didn’t really resonate with it at first because it felt very masculine and defining in a certain way. And I tend to not like when people tell me who I am, like don’t define healthy, I’ll be whatever I want to be. And so I walked away from it for a lot of years. And then about five or six years ago, it resurfaced for me in a really big way. Because I had gotten to this place where I was really clear on the true nature of my own soul. And these deeper, more mystical aspects of myself. But I was still often confused by things in my regular everyday human existence. And I started really reading into my human design chart and realizing that it was explaining a lot of things to me about the way I just am. And that’s what I love about human design as it tends to give people a lot of permission to just be who they are. It’s like all these things that they’ve maybe been told we’re not right or weird, or you know, maybe you need a lot of rest, or you’re going to be really sensitive in certain ways. Your human design chart can tell you all of that. So it gives people a lot of validation.

Dr Tari: Wow, I’m so excited to find out more about me.

Erin Eber: I know I can’t wait to read your chart. It’s so fun.

Dr Tari: And I’m sure that that would be helpful for people too. And love and dating in terms of compatibility in terms of alignment, just Yes, you know, aligning with their true selves and understanding who we are, why we are the way we are

Erin Eber: fully and it’s really amazing to look at people’s Human Design charts in relationships because there’s often very set trends about the type of people that they attract a very often people have pretty predictable, like most of their partners have this kind of energy field or these gates defined or it’s a really interesting thing to look at and also can help you understand your partner. So, you know, for instance, in Human Design, some people are what We call emotionals. And some people are what we call non emotional. And that doesn’t mean you don’t have emotions, it just means you feel and process emotions quite differently. It is so helpful to know if your partner is emotional or non emotional because it will explain so much about your interactions and how to approach it. So, like, for example, a non-emotional needs a lot more space to clear their emotional field, when they get overwhelmed feeling everybody’s emotions, for example, you’re not emotional. So really, yeah, so you often you know, you’re going to be someone who’s really able to feel the emotions of others and sense the emotions of others before they even feel it themselves. And if you were dating someone who was a, charge emotional, you may get overwhelmed by that and need to take space from that person’s emotional body. So it can explain a lot of things in relationships, I’ve found it to be incredibly helpful.

Dr Tari: Oh my gosh. So what is, a non-emotional mean? Like? Because I feel like I’m very emotional, like, I feel things very deeply.

Erin Eber: Yes, well, you would, you would pick up all the emotions of the world around you and the people around you very, very strongly, you would almost feel them even more than you’d feel your own emotions sometimes, because you are someone who absorbs and amplifies emotional energy. So yeah, non-emotional doesn’t mean you don’t feel emotions, it just means you’re gonna really be a strong absorber of emotions, you’re what we’d call a classic empath.

Dr Tari: Oh, my gosh, okay, I’m gonna have you back. And we’re gonna do a whole session on Human Design, Oh, my gosh, you ever work with couples? I do that. Okay, this is just fascinating.

Erin Eber: I know, Human Design tends to, like, take over the conversation sometimes, which is why actually, on my website, you might have even noticed, like, I don’t have it as a big thing on my website. I’m, like, I love using it. And I love doing it. But I also don’t ever want it to completely take over, because it’s a very intellectual approach. And as I always tell people, you know, your soul ultimately has all of the answers. So you know, it’s like human design can be really supportive. But at the end of the day, sometimes you do have to drop the system and just feel into what’s actually right in that moment. And you know, what’s in alignment?

Dr Tari: Wow, okay, yeah, that makes a lot of sense. I’m just so glad to have you here. Because we’re talking about a different layer, a different level, I think of connection, love awareness. And I think it’s often overlooked in the dating world. And in relationships.

Erin Eber: Yeah, you know, it’s really interesting. I’m a big believer in lenses. And you know, from the perspective of sometimes you need to look at things through the psychological lens, sometimes you need to look at something through a very human lens, sometimes you need a more spiritual lens, sometimes you need the mystical approach, you know, it’s like everything calls for different approaches at different times. And that’s something I’ve definitely learned personally, with relationships is that every moment tends to call for something new and different. And I think it’s really important to never get stuck in one lens only.

Dr Tari: Hmm. Oh, I love that. What is the difference between mystical and spiritual?

Erin Eber: That’s a great question. So I think traditionally, I mean, spiritual, the definition of spiritual is just to believe in spirit, you know, that which is not physical, in a sense, something bigger than physical. And so I often talk about spirituality as really just the belief that there is something beyond ourselves. Now, the mystical approach tends to lean a little bit more into this kind of what people call five D, whereas spiritual tends to be a little bit more 4D. And I don’t really love those definitions. At times, I think they can get very misused. But the 5D approach tends to be this approach that’s a little bit more based in the level of miracles, the idea of total surrender, letting go into the complete, unknown, you know, really going beyond concepts and ideas and structures, where as the 4D level tends to be a little bit more where we’re discovering magic, and you know, it’s a little bit still in that dualistic play where things have cause and effect and, you know, you see more like, systems operating from the 4D from, you know, astrology, to intuitive readings, to, you know, all kinds of things, whereas the 3D just to round that out is the regular everyday dualistic approach to things, you know, cause and effect, regular human living. So I would say spiritual is more in that 4D and mystical is more in that 5D.

Dr Tari: Got it. Got it. I guess I yeah, I kind of go back and forth between the four D and five D. So thanks for that explanation.

Erin Eber: I mean, we all do and that’s the thing like I get frustrated with people being like We’re moving into the 5D as if then the 3D and the 4D don’t matter anymore. And I’m actually they’re all kind of important. Yeah,

Dr Tari: Right, right. Make sense, Okay, so this is what I found a lot and people that I’ve worked with, and definitely, you know, in my journey, before I kind of woke up and had my own spiritual awakening, that I felt like I was doing all the right things. But I wasn’t meeting anyone, things weren’t working out, I wasn’t attracting the right kind of people. And one of the things I think that I, well, one of the things I know, I knew nothing about at the time was like this idea of energy vibration frequency. So can you talk a little bit about that? What that is, and what it means.

Erin Eber: Yeah, I would love to, I think in this context, the best way to talk about it is really the journey that we’re all taking to be in alignment with our own truth, and our own biggest expression of self. And really, at the end of the day, that’s what anyone who’s on a growth path is really trying to do, right, we’re trying to discover a bigger expression of who we are than what society has given to us or told us, this is who you are supposed to be. And so I find the idea of working with frequency to really be about getting people back to that truth, getting people back to an alignment with, as I sometimes call it, they’re just their own divinity. And you know, I don’t think divinity has been given a great reputation. And it hasn’t been given a lot of airtime in the world, we don’t value it very much as humans. And yet, what I have found is that’s actually what most people are seeking is a sense of feeling that kind of inner connection to their own divinity, and their own soulful truth. And so in all of the frequency work that I do, I’m really just providing a space to realign people to whatever their truth might be. And there is no answer to that, we’re all built differently. And we’re all here to be different. We’re all here to vibrate differently, I don’t see that as a, there’s a good or a bad or a right answer. And so when we get into that alignment with our own truth, everything in our life does tend to shift and change. Now, it doesn’t always shift and change in ways we might consider to be good. And that’s something that I always find very interesting is that, you know, people are often surprised that when they start making really positive spiritual shifts in their life, sometimes everything goes to shit. And, you know, they’re like, but I’m doing everything right, as you said, you know, I’m on the right path. So why isn’t everything going the way I want it to? And that’s a part of the journey, too, is sort of letting go of these ideas of what is success, what is attracting the right partner, it’s a really fascinating process, and each person is going to be very different. And so sometimes it’s even hard for me to speak of it generally, because I find that every case is completely unique in what is actually going on. And so in the realm of attracting a partner. I hear a lot of people talk about how they aren’t attracting the right partners, or they’re attracting the wrong partners. And I never really see it that way. The way I see it is, well, you’ve attracted this person, period. Okay, so what’s the invitation? Because there’s clearly an invitation, especially if you don’t feel called to walk away from the situation, because sometimes you attract the wrong person. And you’re just like, Oh, this is not a match, or this isn’t a good thing. And you just walk away, and it’s like, no big deal. And other times you attract the wrong person, but you’re like, something in we won’t let me leave this relationship or won’t let me leave this situation. And that’s always I think, when our souls are calling us to learn something, there’s something there for us. And so I’m always like, what’s the invitation, let’s dive into this. It’s not, you didn’t do anything wrong. This is actually perfect. Whatever this is, is perfect. And sometimes the lesson is how to untangle ourselves from unhealthy things. And sometimes the lesson is about actually working through something to get to the other side. So it’s always unique, and there is no one answer.

Dr Tari: I love that so much every relationship is a lesson. And why are you attracting this person? Why are you attracting; this relationship or this situation? What is it here to teach you? And I love that you underscored this idea that it’s not that you’re doing anything wrong. It’s not a mistake. You’re not attracting the wrong thing. You’re actually attracting the right thing, and this time to help you learn something, or work through something or shift or grow or change.

Erin Eber: Yeah, I truly believe that the universe doesn’t make mistakes, you know, like things are divinely aligned. And I don’t mean that in any kind of fault sort of way. I never want people to take the things I’m saying in that way. Because I know that there’s a lot of external situations that people don’t have any control over that go on in the world. But if you’re experiencing something, you know, whatever your inner experience of it is, is for a reason. And there’s always something to be gained. There’s always gold at the bottom of the ship pile as I say.

Dr Tari: Yes. I love that quote. So can you talk a little bit about, like, some of my listeners may not even know what we’re talking about when we talk about energy vibration frequency. So what is that?

Erin Eber: Well, that’s a great question. We could be here all day talking about that. So I’m gonna try to just give a summary. But you know, essentially, just when I talk about energy, we’re talking about what precedes matter. So if you think of, like, your physical body, you’re made of matter, you are a solid being, for the most part. And your energy is what creates that matter. Also, sometimes in the healing world, you talk, people talk about light. So I always say light creates energy, and energy creates matter, and you know matter creates our experience. And so all of these things impact each other. And they all work together. And different healing modalities work at things from different levels. And the frequency of our energy, is the, is sort of how fast or slow our energy is vibrating. And there’s this myth out there that high frequency is better than low frequency, which I just find to be hilarious. Because it’s almost frequency.

Dr Tari: Oh, my God, I mean, I think I believe that, I totally need that much said. So please correct me.

Erin Eber: Everybody does, everybody’s just like, oh, only high vibes, you know, that whole storyline, which I think is so funny, because also, what if we, determined as quote, high vibe, right? We’re like, Oh, that’s madness that’s so low vibe, like, oh, get it out of here. And it’s terrible to be, it’s like our own human judgment, you know, about what’s good, and what’s bad, and, and all emotions are just emotions, you know, and, of course, certain ones are more debilitating than others. And certain ones are less comfortable than others, but they’re all just emotions, you know, and, you know, there’s definitely things that have a heavier energy than other things like fear and anxiety or shame. But that doesn’t mean any of it is inherently bad. It’s just what it is. And it’s just a part of the healing cycle. And every single person on the planet is going to feel all of those emotions at different times. So I just always laugh about like, high vibes only.

Dr Tari: Alright, You got to align with what you’re really feeling.

Erin Eber: Exactly. And if you’re avoiding certain feelings, I mean, talk about attraction. I mean, that’s like the number one way to attract something in your life is what you’re avoiding. You see this a lot with people who are even on, like, a spiritual path, say, and maybe they’re in a space where they’re in that whole high vibes only story, and they only want to be positive. And they do their affirmations every day. And they’re grateful and working very hard on being positive, which I always laugh at the working hard on anything spiritual, oh, no, you can step back from that. But they’re working very hard on being, being positive, and being happy. And you know, there’s nothing wrong with that. Because I understand also being in that space, when you do get stuck in something that isn’t healthy, right. And you do need to sometimes bring practices into your life that, that, do help you get into a more positive space and make you just psychologically feel better enough to make good changes in your life and move forward in a really powerful way. But what I see sometimes is when there is a lot of repressed unhappiness, or repressed shame, repressed trauma, things that have not been dealt with and have been very consistently ignored and shoved into the corner, people will without fail, attract relationships into their life that blow that stuff up, because our soul inherently wants to take us back to wholeness. So very often, in order to get us back to wholeness, these parts of ourselves that we’ve sort of put into separate containers that we then shove away, will get purposefully blown up. And one of the best ways to do that is to bring somebody in your life who pushes all the buttons that blow up all the repressed trauma and pain. Sometimes we call that trauma bonding. I’m sure you talk about that all the time. As a therapist, you know, this is when people are just in a relationship completely based on their trauma bond. And that is because both parties really deep down on a subconscious and unconscious level want to heal that trauma, and they don’t know how else to do it except you Have a mirror of it right in front of their faces.

Dr Tari: Exactly right. Like everybody we’re attracting and it’s a mirror right to our own emotional, spiritual, psychological health.

Erin Eber: Yes. And sometimes with that approach as well, I like to really bring up the idea that, even, within, being a mirror doesn’t always mean that you have what the other person has. And I find that’s a really common misconception. I’ve seen people, especially people who are healing oriented. They attract someone to their life who’s maybe like a very selfish person. And then they’re like, well, I must be selfish, because I attracted someone who’s selfish. Well, sometimes we can attract the thing we’re actually most afraid of, sometimes we can attract the thing that we’re judging about another person, sometimes we can attract the opposite of what we are just to learn how to stand stronger, and our own truth and our own being. So yes, everything is a mirror, but it’s also not always a perfect mirror.

Dr Tari: Got it. So important. So important. But going back to what you were saying about, you know, like high vibes only. I mean, I totally agree. And what I found sometimes is, when I work with women, and they come in, and you know, it’s like, they want to push, they just, they just want to feel better. And so when they come in, and, and we talk, and, they, they, cry the whole session, they’re like, well, this isn’t working. I’m like, No, like, you can’t force yourself to be where you’re not, right, you got to meet yourself where you’re at. And I think it’s so important what you’re talking about. But you know, all feelings are important, like alignment, you have to be where you’re at, like, you can’t fast forward, you can’t force it, you can’t work hard to be in a different feeling or vibration

Erin Eber: Fully. And sometimes you have to feel a lot worse before you feel better. And that’s just, that’s just what it is, you know, especially if there’s something that hasn’t been looked at for a long time, which is, of course, the tears that you’re talking about, you know, when things have been repressed, and suddenly they’re getting cracked, open, and a lot of emotion comes up. I mean, I spent years crying, you know? move all the energy that was just sitting in me not moving. And you know, you do eventually start to feel those cracks of feeling better and feeling the love come in. And you know, that’s where just self love and being held in a really safe space is so important, you know, because I find people can just be really, really hard on themselves in the growth healing process and in the journey, and it’s very easy to analyze ourselves and analyze all the things that are happening to us and form judgments based on it. And I think the number one way to heal is to just learn to love yourself through whatever’s going on.

Dr Tari: Yes, I totally agree. And I think fear, you know, there’s that saying, if it’s not fear, it’s love, right. And I think fear is what keeps people from allowing themselves to surrender to whatever they’re feeling to align with whatever they’re feeling like for a lot of the women that I work with, it’s like, I don’t have time for this, you know, like, I don’t have time to be sad. I just want to find my guy. Well, it’s not gonna work that way.

Erin Eber: You’re like, yeah, then you’re gonna find the guy and then you’re gonna be sad.

Dr Tari: Exactly, exactly yeah.

Erin Eber: Deal with it now or deal with it later, it’s gonna go up eventually.

Dr Tari: Exactly. So when you said, like that, you know? There’s no difference between what these weren’t your words, but you were saying, basically, don’t judge high vibration and low vibration. But isn’t it true that when we are authentically in a high vibration, because we’ve aligned we’re allowing what is where, you know, being with our feelings? Isn’t it? Isn’t there a difference in terms of what shows up in our life when we are in a high vibration versus low vibration?

Erin Eber: Yes. And I would probably call that more just being in alignment. I think when more in alignment with authenticity within ourselves, then yes, and like I said before, it might not show up in all the ways we wanted immediately, because sometimes part of being in alignment, like we’ve been talking about is to get into the messy parts and the scary parts, but when you do move through those things, and we always do eventually, I find people come out in a space where they’re so rooted in their own truth and their own selves and when you are so in that clarity about who you are and what’s right for you, then everything changes and the kinds of things that you attract and the type of people that you attract. So,

Dr Tari: So what would you say to somebody who came to you and one of their issues was you know, I, I, not attracting what I want to attract. They don’t feel good and my dating and relationship life, what would you do with them

Erin Eber: Well, it would very much depend on. on what the backstory is there you know, or what exactly are they attracting? So, give me, give me a scenario, what are they attracting that they’re not happy about?

Dr Tari: Okay, so let’s say their relationships, they keep attracting men that don’t appreciate that. Let’s say it’s a woman, a heterosexual woman who dates men. And she’s attracting men who don’t really appreciate her. She feels like she’s doing all the work, you know, she’s been cheated on, men that aren’t really honest. Yeah, and she can’t figure out why cuz she’s such a good person. Right?

Erin Eber: Okay, this is a good, that’s a good scenario, because I think that’s super common. And, of course, as I’ve said a million times, I’ll say it so many times today, probably, it will always depend on what that specific person has gone through, and why they’ve gotten to a place where they’ve allowed this in their life, but it is always being allowed. So that’s the thing most people who are very sensitive people who are very empathic people, what I see time and time again, is a very big struggle with owning their own energy field, their own needs, their own boundaries, they talk themselves out of things a lot, because that’s usually what they’ve been taught being a good person is to people, please, and make sure the other person is happy before you’re happy. So almost always in a situation like that, you’re going to see a person with that kind of a setup going on. Why that is, could be a million different reasons, right, we all have our own stories of how we got to a place where we self sacrificed before filling our own cup. But it is always a-needing, to get to a place where you are willing to claim your own truth before, whatever it is you think you need. So very often, someone like this feels they need love so badly that they’re willing to sacrifice all of themselves to get it. And then they end up in these very sort of messy, codependent interactions, where they’re trying so hard to get this love from someone who doesn’t want to give it to them in healthy ways. So you know, it’s, each person is gonna have their own hook of what it is that kind of hooks them into these really bad patterns of, of self sacrificing. And this is why I do work with a lot of empaths and a lot of sensitive people is because there’s sort of these two energetic awakening patterns that tend to happen, we have people that are a little bit more aligned with the narcissistic personality traits that are awakening to the fact that there are things outside of themselves, and that there’s anything beyond who they are. And then there’s these people that are very aware of other people, and the fact that there’s a lot going on beyond them, and they’re in this process of, like, coming home, they’re like I need to go this way I need to go within. And so I tend to work with those people who are coming home who are trying to come in, and almost always there’s boundary struggles and some kind of codependency issue and some kind of giving away of our power, because that’s what we’ve been taught to do. So in those types of relationship patterns, you often see that dynamic playing out of one person who’s a little bit more their energy is all with themselves and another person whose energy is way too out in the boonies and needs to come home.

Dr Tari: Hmm. Yeah, I think you’re describing my journey. I’m, I’m an empath, for sure. I believe that. What about you? How did you come to do this kind of work? What is your journey, then?

Erin Eber: Yeah, I’m definitely an empath.

Dr Tari: Think surprise.

Erin Eber: Yeah, I’m an empath who had zero boundaries for a lot of years. And I let a lot of people walk all over me for a lot of years. So I’ve been doing healing work since I was a teenager. And I got into it very serendipitously, I was led to a woman who was a healer. And I was a singer my whole life and had lost my voice. So I went to, healers to try to get my voice back. Because conventional doctors were not helping me. And I ended up getting guided by this woman. And she taught me all kinds of healing modalities and different things. But for many, many years, my healing work was like, you know, back closet secret. I didn’t tell anybody about it. This was 20 years ago, when these things were not accepted or normal. You know, everyone thought it was very weird, all this stuff that I was doing. And so I hit it for a very long time and just really went through what I like to describe as 10 years of being in a dark night of the soul. So pretty much my entire 20s I was in and out of being very depressed, being very unhappy, trying really hard to be a normal person and live a normal life. I worked in corporate America, you know, I did all the things I was supposed to do. I was terrible.

Dr Tari: Oh my god, I cannot imagine you there.

Erin Eber: No, it was horrible. And I was terrible at every job I had, because I was like, Wait, can we just do stuff? Like, I didn’t want to, any of the work.

Dr Tari: All the paperwork,

Erin Eber: I know, make the spreadsheet and I feel like what are you feeling?

Dr Tari: Like you’re fired.

Erin Eber: I know, actually, well, they loved me, because I was like, the office dumping ground of everybody shit, you know? Yeah. Because I loved doing healing work. But also, it was like my Achilles heel, you know? I was an over giver on an energetic level. And it took me a lot of years to sort that out. So I didn’t publicly come out, I was doing a lot of healing work as I traveled because I’ve lived in, nomadically for the last eight years. And that’s when I really made a big life change, I left America and I started living very differently. And that’s when I really started healing, doing healing work with people in a bigger way. But it wasn’t until probably about four years ago that I really went okay, this is like my full time thing. And the reason I did that is because I finally got to a space within myself where it fed me so completely to work with people, there was no draining anymore. There was no part of me that felt like I was losing something by working with people. And it was a very big mirror for me of how I was in my relationships as well. You know, it took me a long time to get to a space where in my romantic relationships and my friendship relationships, I was not being drained. And I was not giving too much. And I was able to hold my own energy field very strongly.

Dr Tari: Yeah. So, how, how, do people learn how to do that, like, people who are naturally empathetic, highly sensitive to other people’s emotions?

Erin Eber: Well, there’s so many ways we can learn to do that, you know, and it’s interesting, because I do take the more energetic approach, like even when I work with people, one of the main things I do is I look for what’s going on in someone’s energy system. So I scan and I’m like, okay, what’s going on here, and a lot of times you have, you know, maybe in your crown chakra, things are just far too open to the outside world. Or maybe there’s kind of an energy leak going on in your heart or in, you know, your gut area, it’s like, everybody has like different places where they get kind of hooked in or tripped up, just based on whatever their conditioning was, or whatever they got taught they were supposed to do. But I do find, you know, just really basic boundary work, and basic self help, stuff can really help as well, and at least get you started on the journey of watching your own field. But I also like to tell people, sometimes also just take that time, to tune into yourself and call all your energy back to you. So any time you start to feel a little scattered or a little off for a little weird, just stop and check in with yourself. And this is where, you know, being a meditator. Can be a really powerful thing, or learning sort of healing modalities can be really powerful, because you start to learn what that means and what that feels like to check in with yourself. And you know, ground back into your own body, whatever that practice might be for you. It’s different for so many people. And to really check in Where do I feel off? And what might this be, you know, like, Where, where am I getting hooked in right now. So let’s say you’re in a romantic relationship, and it’s feeling really weird. take that time to disconnect completely from the other person and call all your energy back to you. Because very often in romantic relationships, maybe we’re worried about something with the other person or something is bothering us about something the other person’s doing, or, you know, we’re getting all worked up about something, and almost like, make it completely not about them for a minute and just pull yourself home to you. Check in with your own energy field, reground yourself back into yourself. And very often, that brings a lot of clarity for people about what’s really going on, because we’re really good at making things about other people. And about, you know, the relationship when it actually might just be your own soul wants your attention, like what’s here for you right now.

Dr Tari: I think that is so important. Because I think you’re right. I think a lot of times when we feel off, and we’re in a relationship, we blame the relationship, or we assume it’s something about the relationship when in reality. I think a lot of times it’s about our own alignment. It’s about something going on in us. We create a lot of problems by trying to work it out in the relationship, right, like outside of ourselves, when what you’re saying is really to come back in

Erin Eber: Exactly, and if there is something that needs to happen in the relationship, what I find is when you get in that clarity within yourself, it will be very clear to you what wants to happen in the relationship I see a lot of people get stuck in spinning their wheels, trying to figure things out, and trying to make things make sense. And really understand, what should I do? or What am I supposed to do? or What does this mean? And it’s like, if you take that time to come back to you, and really, really ground into your own body and your own truth, within a short amount of time, clarity will usually come about what wants to happen on a more like, outward scale.

Dr Tari: Yeah, like the truth, all the answers reside within us. Right? But we spend so much time in our heads, which is where fear lives and stories live, it’s so disconnected from, like you said, what our soul knows,

Erin Eber: Totally. And it’s funny how we project so much onto relationships. I mean, I think relationships are the number one place where we tend to dump our stuff to try to get away from what actually wants our attention inside.

Dr Tari: Oh, my gosh, so true. It’s like as soon as you have another person, you just start dumping. Like, I’m not going to take responsibility for that. I’m not going to tune into that.

Erin Eber: Yes. I mean, it’s just too much fun to blame somebody else. So,

Dr Tari: So easy, so easy. So, you mentioned, like, grounding back into yourself. And you said, different people have different ways to do that. What are some of the common ways that people can try?

Erin Eber: Well, I think embodiment practices are really powerful, especially for people with really active minds. So you know, exercise and dance and movement. And even sometimes, as simple as just going for a walk and getting out into nature can really help ground people. I am partial to meditation, and also, of course, my own frequency tones. I actually. I do listen to my own tones quite a bit. They helped me just as much as they help other people know, and that for me, will just send me right back into my truth, like immediately if I’m feeling off. But yeah, I find it’s whatever really resonates for you that clears your head and gets you back to your own heart and your own truth.

Dr Tari: Yeah. I’m curious about the frequency tones. Tell me more about that. How do you generate those?

Erin Eber: Yeah, so the frequency work came to me, for the first time actually about I think eight years ago. Now, as I mentioned before, I had been a singer my whole life. So sound and music has always been something that connected me to myself in a really powerful way. But it wasn’t until I was living in Guatemala, actually. And I was at a ceremony there. And someone asked me to make a sound in the ceremony. And I was sort of confused and just said, okay, and I made some sort of like, own sound or something. And within literally the minute it came out of my mouth, half the people in the room started crying hysterically. And letting all these things go, someone had like a spiritual entity that released I mean, some really crazy stuff. I was like, whoa, like I did not, it really was shocking to me, that was not what I expected to happen. And so I kind of went, Okay, I think there’s something to this for me using sound as a healing tool, with my voice specifically. And so I started playing around with it, and I would use it casually in my healing work for many years. And I would notice, because I led kick house ceremonies for many years. And I would notice in the ceremony, because cacao moves, a lot of energy moves a lot of emotional energy, and people often cry a lot, shed a lot. And if somebody was stuck, or really feeling kind of like, rattled about something, I would notice, if I made a sound, it would shift or move their energy very, very quickly. So I would play with this. And I essentially had a big breakthrough with, about three or four years ago, where in a meditation, I was really shown the energy of the frequency that comes through my voice and how it is a healing gift and a tool to get people out of their own way and essentially override the human conditioning. So you know, it kind of shakes and rattles, the cellular structure a bit and gets people to vibrationally and energetically sort of release the things that typically keep people from allowing in blessings, truth of their own inner connection, whatever it is, and however you want to describe it. And so I started using it as my primary healing tool because it just felt so me, It felt so in alignment with my soul. And yeah, and people loved it. And I started using it with people and they were just having breakthroughs left and right and I was like, okay, I think I’m onto something here. So

Dr Tari: Wow, So is it only people that hire you as a coach that gets these?

Erin Eber: Right now on my website, if you sign up for my newsletter, you can receive a free clearing frequency, which is essentially, frequency meditation. And I do have a few other tones and courses and things for sale. All of my courses go with frequency healing, I use them, you know, in everything that I do. And I’m hoping to have more, up soon. But yeah, right now, also, you can work with me one on one. And I do it as a one on one session as well.

Dr Tari: Wow. So somebody who maybe is struggling or feels stuck in their dating and relationship life. I feel like this is a whole other way to help somebody align.

Erin Eber: Yeah, definitely. And I always would just check into, you know, what is it that stuck? And where’s that coming from? And you know, what, what’s the deeper story? So I interpret for people’s souls and souls often have a very different story about what’s going on than our human minds do. So very often on the surface, the story is I’m not attracting the right partner, and then I’ll check in with someone’s soul and it might have a very different story to tell about what’s going on. In that first dive.

Dr Tari: Wow, wow. Okay, so if people want to find you, because I think everybody needs to find you. I know you sent me a YouTube video, I want to go listen to that frequency now. But how can people find you if they want to work with you if they want to check you out?

Erin Eber: So my website is just And I also share a lot on Clubhouse at the moment. And I share a lot on my Instagram page, which are both also Erin Eber. So,

Dr Tari: Okay,

Erin Eber: Just my name, very simple. And of course, anyone who’s interested in any kind of session or work is welcome to reach out to me. I like to do little like 15 minute chats with people as well, just to help them get clear on what it is they need. And you know, how I can best serve them.

Dr Tari: And you mentioned courses, what, what kind of courses do you do? Yeah,

Erin Eber: Yeah, so, the primary course that I’ve been doing recently is a course for empaths. That’s called empowered empaths. And it has historically been an eight week course, I’m about to launch the next round of it probably in March to start in April. Let’s see, because I tend to change things at the last minute. Because I’m going by sort of how my soul is guiding me to do these things. But I really, really love supporting empaths, in this process of learning about themselves, and realizing that their sensitivities are their superpowers, and that they are just built differently than the average person. And let’s use that and work with that and uncover all of your dynamic magic so that you can move forward really powerfully in the world with your gifts as you are fully expressed. So that’s the course that I will be doing next. But I do have a few other courses from the past available on my website as well.

Dr Tari: Awesome. Wow, I feel like I could stay here for hours and just talk to you. I’m so so happy. We had this conversation. I’m sure I’m gonna have you back because we could dive into any one of these topics much more deeply. Yes, so much fun. And I think your overall message is that listening to our soul, connecting with our soul, aligning with our truth is such an important part of our journey in love and in life.

Erin Eber: Definitely. And I think, you know, I tend to have a different approach probably than the average dating advice. I know, you know, there’s a lot of people out there that talk a lot about the things you can do to manifest the right partner. And of course, those are all really beautiful things. But I think it is important to sort of bring this deeper message in as well, about what’s really authentically going on within you. And you know, when you get those clarities and grounded alignments within yourself, where you’re just radiating the truth of who you are, you know, nothing in your life is ever a mistake, and it’s all there to serve you in a bigger way.

Dr Tari: Hmm, thank you for that.

Erin Eber: Thank you Dr. Tari.

Dr Tari: Very Thank you, Erin.
Thanks for tuning into Dear Dater. This is Dr. Tari, reminding you that if you want love, it’s meant for you.