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By identifying and saying no to red flag behavior.

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Learn how to only be available for healthy joyful and reciprocal love.

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With The Love Assessment Dr. Tari will tell you what your blind spots are in love that keep you feeling stuck, disappointed, and unfulfilled, so that you can change those patterns and find the love you deserve.

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About Me

Hi! I’m Dr. Tari. My passion is helping people elevate themselves internally so they can access elevated relationships and partners. I am passionate about this work because of my own rocky journey to love and self-love. For years I did my best in relationships but always ended up exhausted, heartbroken, and confused. It wasn’t until I discovered the secrets to personal alignment and healing that everything changed. I’ve found that before we have self-awareness and the tools to shift our beliefs, self-view and old templates and roles, we continue to be attracted to people who can’t love us and spend our time trying to get or keep the love that is unattainable. I know that complete and total transformation is possible because of my own personal transformation as well as witnessing thousands of these transformations in my clients in my role as a psychologist. I want to help you with your own transformation so you can access and keep healthy, joyful love. It’s yours for the taking. It’s waiting for you to level up so you resonate with it. If you’re ready, let’s go. You will learn to access the top 1% of partners and leave the rest behind.

Blog Articles

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If you have an anxious attachment, you probably have unhealthy beliefs about relationships. But you can change those. If you are anxiously attached in your…

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In the latest episode of the openhouse podcast with Louise Rumball, Louise and I talk about avoidantly attached people and what if you’re in a…

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Healthy Partners and Deal Breakers PDF

Find out what Dr Tari says are qualities ANY partner must have and what relationship red flags to run from.

Every Relationship Is A Test

Are you burnt out by dating but still aren’t in a fulfilling relationship? Are you continually disappointed by men but can’t figure out what you are doing wrong? You are not alone.

Every Relationship is a Test reveals the path to having and keeping a fulfilling relationship by teaching you to bypass the most common mistakes women make in love and dating. Dr. Tari Mack will unveil that every potential partner we meet is a test from the Universe—a test calling us to do our specific inner work and finally move past the lessons that keep showing up for us in relationships. Most of us have not been taught to recognize our tests and lessons so we continue to make the same mistakes over and over again.Every Relationship Is A Test will empower you to recognize your specific tests, become aware of your own unconscious patterns of behavior, and change your destructive dating patterns so that you can avoid

This was a great read! I was supposed to pass it along to a friend once done. I’ll be ordering her a copy instead because I intend to refer back to this book a lot while continuing my journey to love. I learned a lot about myself within the first 2 chapters. In fact, I learned more about myself and relationship patterns in the first 2 chapters than I did in 2 months of therapy. So you do the math! Forever grateful for coming across this blessing 🥰

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A year of miracles. This book will empower readers to change the way they show up in their lives and relationships, help them recognize their worth, set boundaries that feel honoring

and create the change they may be longing for. Dr. Tari Mack shares wisdom from her own journey of healing as well as her 20+ years of clinical experience helping people navigate life, relationships, and owning the truth of their stories. This book combines spiritual, psychological and emotional truths to help each reader access their inner power to create your own miracles and create the life they want.

I’m just getting started with this book and so far I LOVE it!! I’ve been working on healing for 9 years from childhood Abuse. I’m currently at a place that I’m stepping into the next level of my healing and I think this book is going to be a great companion for me to read and maybe journal about what Dr. Mack has to share! I encourage anyone who wants to live beyond the superficial in this world and have true relationships with others and yourself , to get this book!

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