We will uncover your blocks, fears, unconscious beliefs and patterns that have kept you from finding lasting love.


This year-long coaching program will get you into complete alignment and take you from single to engaged in 1 year. We will uncover your blocks, fears, unconscious beliefs and patterns that have kept you from finding lasting love. You will learn how to not only access the path to love but STAY on it and do things differently as you navigate relationships. If you’re ready for real love and commitment, this program is for you.


This 12-week program will help you become completely aligned and get you on the path to BIG LOVE. During this program, we will remove any blocks (emotional, mental or spiritual) that keep you from aligning with our highest path and finding Love. If you’re ready and committed to finding Love, this is the program for you.

My Services

What You Yearn For Is Meant For You. And if you yearn for marriage and commitment with a healthy and joyful partner, you're supposed to have it. I have a gift of taking women from Single to Engaged in 1 Year and my passion is sharing this gift with anyone who yearns for healthy love. You don't have to try to figure it out on your own anymore. I'll give you the map and help you follow it. Do you Want to be Engaged and in an amazing relationship this time next year? It's totally possible. I'll take you there.

Conscious Partner

Learn the 4 Essential Qualities of a Conscious Partner and level yourself up to become a Conscious Partner who attracts the same. Uncover your Unconscious Attraction and transform so you become attracted to healthy partners who can actually love you.

Universe Test

Learn to "see" tests from the Universe and together we will help you pass each test as it comes your way, moving you forward toward your path to LOVE.

Identify Red Flags

Become an expert at Red Flags and saying "NO" to partners who are not healthy and with no long term potential. No more wasting time in the wrong relationship.

Level Up Your Mindset

Level up your Mindset and change your Energetic Vibration to create a different reality and help you access a new level of relationships. You will create new patterns, a new path and a new YOU.

Remove Unconscious Blocks

Remove and heal any unconscious blocks that have pushed away or blocked love in the past.

Healthy Love

Learn to see clearly that every person you meet, every decision you make either moves you toward healthy LOVE OR keeps you stuck or leads you away from it. By the end of the year, you will be in love and planning your life with a healthy and committed partner.


What My Client Say


Maria discusses how work with Dr. Tari helped her change her unconscious attraction, be done with unhealthy partners for good, and begin to attract floods of healthy men into her life.


Andrea discusses how she attracted her now fiance into her life and how she transformed herself and grew her relationship, and how she recognized and passed tests from the Universe along the way!


Fransesca talks about how Dr. Tari helped her identify and change her past dating patterns and create a healthy and happy relationship with a healthy man.

Delivering Results

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