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I have been a practicing clinical psychologist for 15 years. I am not currently accepting new therapy clients but am selectively taking on coaching clients who may be a good fit.

If you are seeking therapy, please contact my talented Post-doctoral fellow, Dr. Adrienne Monty. She accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO.

In Dr. Monty’s own words:

“My goal is to provide a non-judgmental, genuine, and trusting therapeutic relationship, where you feel safe to discuss any feeling or issue that is important to you. We will work together to understand painful emotions, identify unhealthy relationship patterns, and confront obstacles that contribute to stress and unhappiness in your life. Through a supportive therapeutic relationship, we will increase your self-acceptance and self-compassion, focus on creating healthier, more fulfilling relationships, and begin to live a more meaningful, fuller life.

I have experience working with older adolescents and adults struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, socioeconomic concerns, family-of-origin and relationship issues, loss, transitional and developmental issues, self-esteem and complexity of identity.

My therapeutic approach draws from client-centered, relational, psychodynamic, and cognitive-behavioral approaches. The foundation of my work is based on the development of a strong, empowering therapeutic relationship, where healing and growth can occur.