During our coaching relationship, you will have Dr Tari Mack in your back pocket to navigate the dating world and your relationships with a new awareness and acquired wisdom. Things will never be the same! Let’s work together to help you get the relationship you want and deserve. We will have a complimentary 30-minute phone call in which I will put together a specific program for you which will help you get on the path to love you seek. Some of the areas your program might include:

  • Identify your recurring relationship and dating patterns

  • Identify your dating and relationship “blind spots” that keep you feeling stuck, disappointed, and unfulfilled

  • Understand how your unconscious may be choosing your partners which lead to unfulfilling relationships

  • Help you become crystal clear on who your future partner is

  • Learn how to choose partners that can actually love you the way you want to be loved

  • Learn how you may be sabotaging viable relationships

  • Pinpoint the specific work you need to do in order to change your patterns and move toward love

  • Begin to clearly “see” the tests and lessons being presented to you in the dating world

  • Learn how to pass your tests and move toward your soul mate

  • Learn who you should be dating and who you should be not be wasting your time on

  • You don’t want to waste any more days, months or years repeating unfulfilling relationship patterns.

  • You want to increase your self-awareness about why these relationship patterns exist

  • You want to learn what changes you need to make in order to clear your path to love

  • You want to be able to “see” the lessons and tests that have been presented to you in the past and keep showing up

  • You are currently in a relationship and want to learn if you or your partner are exhibiting any red flag behaviors that will cause your relationship to eventually end

  • You want to identify your relationship “blind spots” that keep you feeling stuck, disappointed, and unfulfilled

  • You want to understand your specific triggers that cause you to react instead of respond in your relationships

  • You want to learn how to speak and share so your partner can hear you

  • You are currently in a relationship and you want to pinpoint the specific work you need to do in order to ensure that your half of the relationship is clear and healthy

  • You want to identify how to change a problematic relationship dynamic that isn’t working

During our work together, you will always have exclusive email access to Dr Tari Mack and be able to run your relationship experiences by Dr Tari Mack and together we will discuss what action is needed in each specific situation. Dr Tari Mack will guide you to see your tests and lessons as they appear and prompt you to use the tools you’re gaining along the way.

VIP Relationship Coaching or Consultation

I offer personalized 1:1 professional and personal coaching to help you optimize your relationships, solve a relationship problem and work to improve your relationships at any level.