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Relationship Repair Packages

My couples coaching packages are intensive and only for couple willing to do the work to save their relationship and/or prevent big problems from developing. The process is not typical couple’s therapy. I will assess the health of your relationship, show each couple where the weak spots are and assign each person with their “work”to do in the relationship. I’ve found that couples who are serious about change and saving their relationship WANT and NEED this feedback in order to course correct or to ensure they are building a relationship that stands on a firm and healthy foundation. No endless couples therapy sessions hashing out the same issue - I’ll help you see what you can’t and give you a roadmap to improve your relationship. 

Dr. Tari Mack

Together we will work to improve the emotional safety, strength and joy of your relationship so you can get on with enjoying life and enjoying each other. I will teach you essential relationship, communication, and coping skills that all couples need but have probably never learned. 

After completing an assessment form, I will give each person an Individual Interpersonal strength based analysis and highlight their specific “work” and areas of growth in the relationship. 

I will give each couple a Relationship Repair and Bolstering Plan that is a roadmap for how to get the Relationship back on track. Homework will be included. 

Then, based on the package, each couple will have some coaching sessions with me where we practice communication and the specific “work” and tools that need practice. Most packages include a 3 month follow up session. 

I work with couples not just to resolve an issue or put a bandaid on a current problem. I highlight how each person’s childhood and life experiences impact the way they communicate, cope and show up in relationships and teach couples how to work together as a team to create a relationship that will not only endure, but will bring joy, security and passion.

So... how will Relationship
Repair impact you?

Before Relationship Repair

We had the same arguments over and over again, with no resolution. We couldn’t even pinpoint what the exact problems or issues were. We just knew something wasn’t working and we were always frustrated with each other when we tried to communicate.

Sometimes I didn’t even know if I wanted to stay in this relationship. Our relationship felt distant, resentful and hopeless at times.
I didn’t feel like my partner understood me, knew me, or even liked me anymore.

We were both doing things to damage the relationship and hurt each other without realizing it.

After Relationship Repair

Dr. Tari identified exactly what our issues were and how each of us needed to shift and grow in order to change these dynamics. Now we feel stronger than ever and have learned how to communicate our needs and feelings effectively and work together to address the issues.

I remembered why I love this person and chose them in the first place. It trust them more than ever and we feel like a team again.

I feel so understood, accepted and loved by my partner. I feel like we can work through difficult conversations easily and stay close and connected.
Dr. Tari helped us understand what “out of bound” behaviors and communication styles are and now both of us can catch ourselves if we engage with each other in this way. We now have healthy tools to nurture our relationship and work through conflict. 

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So... how will meditation impact you?

Before you meditate:

We can be scattered, distracted and emotional
In a lot of pain and not sleeping well
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Stuck in fear, feeling overwhelmed, 

After you've meditated:

You can feel serene, calm, clear and purposeful
More relaxed, less tension and pain & better sleeping patterns.
Calm, quiet and neutral mind, solutions to problems often present and life is more manageable.
A feeling of connection, peace, harmony and one ness

These clients can't be wrong

Through our couple’s work with Dr Mack, I was able to identify my codependent behaviors that contributed to the issues within my marriage. She also helped me have the ability to identify what I can and cannot control, which was very liberating and resulted in a healthier bond between my partner and me. 

Olivia, Orange County

We pay for continued education to grow in our career, we need to normalize investing in continued growth in our relationship. Together we invested in our relationship and it changed every aspect of our lives. Boundaries are challenging to set, communicate and hold. But Tari taught us where to start. To focus on what we need, individually, and how to properly communicate that to each other. But most importantly, she taught us how to own our emotions without blaming the other. This in itself kicked off a whole new way of communication for us. We continue to put in the work and check in when we feel we need guidance and help.

Jenna, Chicago

Our Partner Packages

Depending on the package you choose you will receive - A set amount of sessions with Dr. Tari, A Current State of the Relationship Assessment Session, Individual Interpersonal Analyses and a Relationship Redirect/Repair/Bolstering Plan. To understand exactly where you and your partner are at, it’s best to discuss what package would best suit you with Dr. Tari. Book a call to go over the details.

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Book in your call with Dr. Tari Mack 


Mark you Calendar


Discuss with Dr. Tari Mack the best coaching package to suit you and your partner 


Select the plan that suits you and your partner.


If you have any questions, concerns, feedback or specific requirements for a tailored sessions please let me know by email at [email protected]


Your sessions will be conducted in person or online and then email will be sent out for any Zoom links prior to the meeting.


Relationship Repair FAQs

How will Dr. Tari understand the issues in our relationship and what we need specifically as a couple?

Both partners will complete their own Relationship Assessment Worksheet that covers your personal information and life experience as well as your assessment of your current relationship. Dr. Tari will integrate all of this information to determine what dynamics need to change, what each person needs to focus on, relationship strengths and weak spots, the tools that need to be taught and acquired, and draw up a personal Relationship Rescue Roadmap for each couple. Dr. Tari has over 20 years of experience working with couples and individuals in therapy and this is what she loves to do - show couples where they need to grow and give them the exact tools to do so.

What if my partner doesn’t want to participate?

Dr. Tari only works with couples where both partners are willing participants. If your partner is not willing to engage or participate in trying to save or bolster your relationship, this may be a sign that your partner is not as invested in helping the relationship as you are. You may want to work with Dr. Tari individually in this case to focus on yourself and make a plan about how you want to move forward with your own self-work.

How long is the process?

That depends on the package you buy and how much you want to space out your sessions. After the Relationship Assessment session and after each person is given their individual Relationship Reading in session 2 as well as the Couple’s Relationship Roadmap, Dr. Tari and the couple will discuss the frequency of sessions moving forward. Most couple are done with this intensive work in 2-6 months.

Do we have access to Dr. Tari in between our sessions?

Absolutely. As one of Dr. Tari’s coaching clients, you can always access her by text, email and Instragram messenger throughout the course of your work to help you address concerns, answer questions, or provide quick coaching to work through an issue. You are never alone - you’ve got a coach on your side to help you change these patterns, acquire new skills and learn to do things differently.

Will Dr. Tari tell us if we should stay together or break up?

Dr. Tari cannot tell a couple what to do but she will give an honest assessment of the health of the relationship, the changes and growth that need to occur for a relationship to survive (AND THRIVE), and will give loving and honest feedback and assessments throughout the process. Dr. Tari is invested in helping couples succeed if they both want the relationship to work and will give couples everything she’s got to help them do so.

Can we save some sessions if we end up not needing them and use them later, if we run into more distress?

Absolutely. You can use our sessions at any frequency. If you make quick progress, you can always use them later for a tune up or to work through an issue that has arisen. Most packages also include a 3 month follow up session to ensure that the couple is staying on course and help them troubleshoot any new issues that have come up. 

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