Love Assessment

When he/she doesn’t text you back right away, why do you respond the way you do?

Why do you get so scared when you imagine someone you’re dating might be pulling away?

Why do you have difficulty trusting that THIS relationship could actually work?

Do you bring up issues too soon or not soon enough? Why? 

Let me help you understand WHY you think, feel and respond to the ways that you do in your dating and relationships. You don’t have to keep creating the same patterns.

In my years as a psychologist, I’ve come to see clearly how our childhood and life experiences translate in our adult relationships and often block the love we seek, sabotage our relationships, and keep us replaying old patterns that end up disappointment, heartbreak and loneliness. My gift and passion is helping people clearly see what needs to shift and change so they can change these patterns and finally access and create the love they want. 


I will give you a “Love Assessment” outlining:  

Your unconscious attraction  

Why you may keep choosing the wrong partners based on childhood wounds, unmet needs and unconscious beliefs about yourself and others, and how to CHANGE your unconscious attraction so you will attract and be attracted to partners who can love you the way you deserve to be loved. 

Your relationship blind spots 

How you unintentionally block yourself from developing healthy relationships or from letting someone love you due to fear, old beliefs and childhood roles and patterns. I will see what you haven’t been able to see and give you specific tools and skills to shift, heal and eliminate these blind spots so you can develop and access the relationship you long for.  

Exactly what your “work” looks like 

In relationships, growth and healing. Without knowing this specific work, it will be difficult to come into full alignment and access your highest path where total joy, fulfilment and LOVE are waiting. 

You will also discover how you may be using 

Outdated coping and protective strategies from childhood that push away love instead of calling it in and allowing it to grow. 

I will tell you exactly what you need to do to access and create the love that’s been eluding you. What you yearn for is meant for you. Let me show you how to have it. 

Love Assessment Email and Video Call $1597 

You get a 30-minute call or zoom with me and we go over your  Love Assessment   in detail. In this interactive 30-minute call, you ask me all of the questions you want and I give you direct feedback, guidance and answers that will change your life and your course of love.

This is what I love to do. This is what I’m here to do! 

We can’t do better until we know better. We often can’t see what we need to see. Let me see if for you. Let me give you a roadmap. Let me put you on your path of transformation and love. I’m already excited for you.