A, Chicago, IL

Dr. Tari keeps it real – it’s impossible to be touched by her wisdom without it leaving a mark. She truly has changed my life by helping me to discover the barriers and behaviors that were getting in the way of healthy relationships. Often, I felt like the discoveries we made were mind-blowing and game changing and I couldn’t believe that I had not realized them years ago (even with years of previous therapy). Other times, the concepts we covered were not new to me, but she guided me in a way that made me feel supported and safe to finally trust my gut. She held me accountable and gave me homework. She’s funny, and kind and wise. I am truly grateful for the sessions I’ve had with her and feel like I have been equipped with strategies, insights and tools to last a lifetime. Since my work with Dr. Tari, I have found an amazing partner and have created a conscious relationship of my dreams! I’ve needed to check in for guidance and support at different times with Dr. Tari and she’s helped me identify what my “work” was in each situation and how to proceed so that I honored both myself and the relationship and not repeated my mistakes in past relationships. My work with Dr. Tari has been life changing!! A, Chicago, IL