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“Hi! I’m Doctor Tari. I am a clinical psychologist and relationship expert. My passion is helping people elevate themselves internally so they can access elevated relationships and partners. I am passionate about this work because of my own rocky journey to love and self-love. For years I did my best in relationships but always ended up exhausted, heartbroken, and confused. It wasn’t until I discovered the secrets to personal alignment and healing that everything changed. I’ve found that before we have self-awareness and the tools to shift our beliefs, self-view and old templates and roles, we continue to be attracted to people who can’t love us and spend our time trying to get or keep love that is unattainable. I know that complete and total transformation is possible because of my own personal transformation as well as witnessing thousands of these transformations in my clients in my role as a psychologist. I want to help you with your own transformation so you can access and keep healthy, joyful love. It’s yours for the taking. It’s waiting for you to level up so you resonate with it. If you’re ready, let’s go. You will learn to access the top 1% of partners and leave the rest behind.”

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Before joining to Single To Engaged I had never had a relationship that lasted longer than 4 months and I was in my late 30s. And none of those relationships had been very healthy. Single to Engaged showed me what my blocks were in love and also helped me understand why I kept choosing the wrong people to date. Since Single to Engaged has ended, I’ve had a year long relationship with a wonderful man, who, while did not turn out to be my long term partner, treated me kindly and we parted as friends. I am currently in a new relationship full of mutual respect, effort, kindness and we are both excited and looking toward the future. Without Dr. Tari’s help, I would still be struggling and alone, wondering why love never found me. Thanks to Single to Engaged, I get to experience healthy love and get to share my life with someone amazing. If you have any doubt about joining, do it now! It will change everything for the better!

Noor, Dubai


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