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From Endless Dating 
to Actual Love




" I am a Doctor of Psychology and Clinical Psychologist with 20+ years of experience. I no longer do therapy because instead of letting clients come to their own answers, I want to tell you exactly what I see that is blocking your path to love, peace and ultimate fulfillment in your life. I don't give superficial dating advice like some dating coaches. I will tell you exactly what you need to do to access the love you've been wanting and what is standing in your way. As a Doctor of Psychology, I understand how our emotions, behaviors and relationship patterns are shaped by our histories, childhoods and beliefs. I will use this to understand YOUR unique psychology and experience and light up your direct path to love.

The work we do together will be deep, transformational and will work quickly. We don't have time to waste when it comes to helping you access the love and life you've been dreaming of. You want answers? I've got them for you. And I will be gentle and honest in helping you change your relationship patterns and access love. "

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Love Stories

Natural Beauty
Before joining to Single To Engaged I had never had a relationship that lasted longer than 4 months and I was in my late 30s. And none of those relationships had been very healthy. Single to Engaged showed me what my blocks were in love and also helped me understand why I kept choosing the wrong people to date. Since Single to Engaged has ended, I’ve had a year long relationship with a wonderful man, who, while did not turn out to be my long term partner, treated me kindly and we parted as friends. I am currently in a new relationship full of mutual respect, effort, kindness and we are both excited and looking toward the future. Without Dr. Tari’s help, I would still be struggling and alone, wondering why love never found me. Thanks to Single to Engaged, I get to experience healthy love and get to share my life with someone amazing. If you have any doubt about joining, do it now! It will change everything for the better!

Noor, Dubai


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