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Single to Engaged Course 

This coaching program will get you into complete alignment and take you from single to engaged in 1 year. We will uncover your blocks, fears, unconscious beliefs and patterns that have kept you from finding lasting love. You will learn how to not only access the path to love, but STAY on it and do things differently as you navigate relationships. If you're ready for real love and commitment, this program is for you. 

This is a 12 Week/ Module Online Course: This reveals all the secrets to dating. The modules map out the exact steps to create lasting love. Videos and exercises that will bring you into total alignment that will give you access to the top 1% of partners. Click below for more info...

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    1-on-1 Elite Consulting 

    I will tell you the truth about what needs to change to get you on your direct path to love. Sometimes I may tell you things you don't want to hear, but they will be said gently and with love. I will help you see what you can't see so you can get out of your own way and find healthy love. One-on-one is for the client who wants love so badly - wants to find that relationship that finally works out. For the client who wants to get married, have kids (maybe) and feels that time is running out. You try so hard in love and are somehow always disappointed. You are a badass in your career, a well known influencer or celebrity but struggle in love. I am here to tell you that there is nothing wrong with YOU. You don't have to earn love. We will get to the bottom of what's been blocking your direct path to love and resolve it quickly. Healthy love is waiting. I'll show you how to access it.


      Highest Path Course 

      Need a boost of energy? This is a great place to start! Your Highest Self is a simple mini course that focuses on self-love and self-exploration!

      This course will help you unlock your full potential and learn all the tools of manifesting and creating your dream goal.


        Need an Expert?

        Dr. Tari has appeared on tv, podcasts and in magazines, worldwide sharing her direct and transformational relationship advice with global audiences. Inquire here to invite Dr. Tari to be an expert on your TV show, project, stage, podcast, or article.


          The Ultimate Guide

          How to navigate & heal your anxious attachment style when dating - A 26 page PDF guide.
          Anxious attachment styles and dating do not mix well.

          In this 26 page, 20 stage, therapist-backed PDF, Dr Tari Mack helps you understand your anxious attachment style and how you can break the cycle and live with more peace, calm and harmony while also starting to enjoy dating.


          The Ultimate Script

          How to communicate your anxious attachment style when dating - a 14 Page Script PDF.

          If you have made it through the first few weeks of dating, are in the very early stages of a relationship or you're in an a relationship and haven't yet broached the topic of your anxious attachment, this PDF is for you.