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Behind the Doctor

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Here I am hamming it up with my two little miracles, Rooney and Pippa, my two hilarious and beautiful daughters. I call them my miracles because had you known me 15-20 years ago, you would understand that I was not on a trajectory to find love and to become a mom, two of my biggest dreams. Instead, I was desperate for love, cycling through relationships, dating all of the wrong people and feeling sad, hopeless, lost and confused. I loved so hard, I gave so much…why did things never work out?

My own experience along with my experience sitting with so many others struggling in love is the reason I do the work I do today. I want to help everyone who wants love have love. Because it is always available to us. But we have to look at ourselves first, get out of our own way, and understand exactly how to let it in, filter appropriately, and avoid unhealthy people and relationships that may feel good to parts of us that are unhealed.

In addition to my two beautiful daughters, I also have a healthy, mature man that I share my life with. I now know what healthy love consists of, how to be a healthy partner and how to build something strong, deep, fun and sustainable with another healthy and mature human. Life is incredible and fun, unpredictable and hard sometimes. When you have the awareness and tools to navigate all that life brings, it gets even better. And when you know how to choose someone who not only has the right chemistry, but also the right compatibility with you, the sky's the limit. This is the gift I want to help all of you access. Once you understand how it works, it becomes easy. I will never take for granted the miracles I’ve created and I will spend my life helping others create the same. It’s my passion, my gift, and it’s why I’m here. Lucky me.

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