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Can You Love Someone Enough To Override Their Bad Behavior?

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

You can’t love someone enough to override their bad behavior, lack of effort or disappointing patterns…

How much time have you already wasted on someone who says they’ll change but has shown no change since you’ve started?

How many excuses have you made for their lack of effort, bad behavior or disappointing actions?

How many times have you told yourself if I could just say this better, if I could just communicate this better, If I could just love him or her more, I know things can change.

I need you to know this, you cannot love somebody enough to change the way they treat you or to change the effort that they put into a relationship.

You may have learned as a child that it was your job to earn love, to keep people happy, and to make sure you show up the way that people want you to show up so you can have them show up for you but that’s an old template. And I don’t want you wasting anymore time on someone who is not putting in the effort and treating your heart with care.

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